More Time With Your Family...
And Less Time Fundraising!
Fundraising shouldn't be a pain. We believe that people are willing to help, if only you are willing to ask!
We think you'll agree!
I Want to Know!
Why Was Friend Tree Created?

Friend Tree Fundraising is designed and built by parents. Over the years, we've been involved in many fundraisers that required us to buy all kinds of gift items, go door-to-door with our kids asking for donations, and participate in tiring car-wash weekends, jog-a-walk-a-run-athons, and mattress sales. And frankly, we're just plain worn out! So we thought it would be a good idea to build a system that would allow us to spread the responsibility around, asking a lot of people for a little instead of requiring a few to give a lot! Ultimately, we designed Friend Tree Fundraising to give ourselves and our kids a break.

Now we can go have some fun!

Tell Me,
What's In It For Friend Tree?

Friend Tree Fundraising adds a small service charge for every donation that is made using our system. The service charge is added on top of the amount donated, instead of being taken from the donation before it goes to your organization, allowing 100% of the donation to reach your group. This method is familiar to anyone who has ever paid a "handling fee," a "convenience charge" or gone online to purchase concert tickets, make camping reservations, or even pay property taxes! Our fee is $2.50 per transaction, regardless of donation size. Adding this small charge allows us to continue operation without driving your donors away or decreasing the amount you raise.

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