It's Simple, Really...
We help others give you money!
We believe Friend Tree Fundraising is unlike any other fundraising system.
We think you'll agree!
First Things First,
How Much Does It Cost?
Friend Tree Fundraising is completely free to use for all fundraising organizations. One hundred percent of every dollar donated goes directly into your account.* It costs nothing to set up, and you can do it yourself online. Friend Tree Fundraising is designed to help you capture the highest possible percentage of every dollar donated!
* Friend Tree Fundraising works with your existing Square account. Standard credit card and debit card processing fees apply. Please contact Square for current rates.
How Does It Work?
Friend Tree Fundraising helps you systematically mobilize your own resources to maximize your fundraising efforts.
  • Friend Tree helps you reach out to your membership in an organized way, asking for their assistance in preparing an email list of potential donors.
  • Friend Tree regularly contacts donors on your behalf, asking them to donate and to add contact information for others who may be willing to contribute.
  • Friend Tree creates simple code you can paste directly into your organization's website allowing you to collect donations on your own webpage.
  • Friend Tree provides detailed reports revealing who is participating in the campaign, both members and donors, and detailing their activity.
  • Friend Tree DOES NOT require your members to sell magazines, wrapping paper, baked goods or any other items.
  • Friend Tree DOES NOT offer a prize program with extravagant prizes or incentives that must be purchased with proceeds from your fundraiser.
  • Friend Tree DOES NOT charge you as much as 15 - 50% of your proceeds to run your fundraiser. Most of our competitors do.
  • Friend Tree DOES NOT touch your money. Every donation is deposited directly into your own Square account.
Friend Tree Fundraising's email-based campaign delivers regular, friendly messages to all potential donors compelling them to support your program with their gifts and by "spreading the word" to others. Like a family-tree spreading its branches as it reaches back to reveal your history, your Friend Tree will spread wide with opportunity as it reaches forward to your family, friends, and their relations!
Is There a Catch?


However, in order to process online payments, Friend Tree Fundraising does make use of your existing Square account. So, if you don't already have a Square account, you'll need to set one up. It's quick and easy, and millions of organizations have already done it! Square is among the most trusted and widely used internet payment service providers!

Signing up for your Square account is free, and it does not incur any monthly fees. Of course, Square does charge a small transaction fee, as does any online credit card processor. Those fees will be handled between you and Square, and they will be clearly visible in your account information provided by Square.

Something for Nothing?

YES! Your traditional fundraising efforts are augmented for free by Friend Tree Fundraising's regularly-scheduled email messages to all potential donors. Each message is sent to the donor directly from a member of your organization, or from another donor who has already made a contribution. All messages contain a familiar and friendly greeting, like "Hi Grampa" or "Hi Uncle Bob", based on information entered by the members of your group.

Reminder messages are sent regularly until the potential donor makes a gift, opts out of your fundraising program, or the fundraiser ends. And we guarantee that email addresses added to the system will NEVER, EVER be used for any purpose other than the specific fundraising program for which they were entered. That's our promise to you!

Friend Tree Fundraising also provides easy-to-use reports that allow your fundraising coordinator to track the success of every campaign. Reports include details about each member's donor recommendations, their activity, and other important information. The Friend Tree system even provides an easy ranking feature to see which members have been most successful in their fundraising efforts.

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