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A football team that needs to fundraise
A cheerleading team in need of fundraising assistance
A school dance team needs help with fundraising
A JROTC class can raise funds using Friend Tree
Student government can faise funds with Friend Tree
Student Government
Instrumental groups need to raise funds for music and instruments
Instrumental Music Programs
School marching band and color guard need to raise money for travel and coaches
Marching Band / Color Guard
A school choir needs to raise funds for music and trave
School Drama clubs need to raise funds for props and costumes
A school debate club can raise money to go to competitions
Scouts can use Friend Tree for Fundraising
Art classes may need to raise funds for materials and supplies
Art Programs
Your 4H or FFA club can benefit from raising funds using Friend Tree
4H & FFA
School academic clubs need help raising funds
Academic Clubs
Youth Groups always need help to raise money
Youth Groups
And many more!
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Friend Tree is always free to set up and free to use. Reach your goal quickly since you keep every dollar that is donated!

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Registering is simple and easy to do! If you already have your PayPal Pro account established, you can start taking donations today!

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Every penny of every dollar donated goes directly to support your organization. Friend Tree does not take a percentage of your fundraising profit!

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Every donation is deposited directly into your account. Friend Tree never touches your funds. Your money is always under your control.

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Simple And Safe!

No door-to-door sales, no inventory, no delivery. Simplify your fundraising and minimize your risk!

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Friend Tree Grows As it Gives!

Friend Tree asks each donor for names of people that might also contribute to your organization. Your campaign grows independently.

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